Martin Freeman: If Watson Hadn’t Met Sherlock, He Would Be…

The actor talks shop about “Sherlock” and the changes dawning upon us in Series Four

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Lots of things have happened for dear old Dr Watson. Played by Martin Freeman (The Hobbit), Sherlock Holmes’ best friend is back in the “Sherlock” Series Four as a new father. The first episode, titled “The Six Thatchers”, will premiere on 2 Jan on BBC.

The episode accompanies the “Thatcher” teaser that was announced at Comic Con earlier this year. It has been speculated to be loosely based on the Arthur Conan Doyle story, “The Adventure of the Six Napoleons”, which focuses on Inspector Lestrade and the search of a hidden pearl.

We previously heard from Benedict Cumberbatch how Sherlock will be coping with the new addition to his life. Now, let’s see what Freeman has to say about his on-screen family.

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Picture shows: John Watson (MARTIN FREEMAN)

Watson is back without the moustache. How does that feel?

I thought it was a good look for the Christmas Special because it’s Victorian and it’s very Watson-esque – but I’m not a huge fan of false moustaches. It doesn’t make your face feel very free and an actor’s face has to be free to express itself so if you’re afraid of this big walrus on your upper lip falling off then that’s not a great feeling! I’m very glad to be naked of that moustache.

Was John’s new hairdo your idea?

Yes, I just thought people change their hair in real life and with this show it’s always a fine balance between honouring what we have but also moving it on incrementally in tiny ways.

Ben [Benedict Cumberbatch] isn’t quite as lucky as he has the iconic silhouette but there’s a little bit more leeway with John.

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