LHL Has Taken Over White House’s Instagram

This is the closest we’ll get to taking over the United States of America

If you’ve seen pictures of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong popping up on The White House’s Instagram, or photos of USA President Barack Obama and lush dining furnishings on LHL’s Instagram, don’t be perplexed.

PM Lee is currently in Washington DC for an official visit, and our social media-savvy minister has used the opportunity to take over The White House’s Instagram account, and vice-versa.

The PM posted an update 12 hours ago to The White House’s account with a snapshot of him looking all comfy and chirpy. He wrote, “[We’re] deeply honoured to be invited to a State Dinner in the White House… Stay tuned today as the White House and I do a mutual takeover of our Instagram accounts!”

Meanwhile, on LHL’s Instagram page, The White House team has begun posting rare glimpses into the workings of the State Dinner:

What a neat idea to celebrate our friendship with the United States – there are few better ways to show you trust your friend than handing them your social media account!