Kit Chan On Coming Home & “That Dragon Playground”

After 15 years, the “Home” singer is back with a reignited flame for all things local

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Photo: Kit Chan / Facebook

As I walked with Kit Chan through her favourite salon (a fancy space owned by celebrity stylist David Gan, no less), we passed a waiting room televising Joseph Schooling’s homecoming this morning.

The Singaporean singer stopped in her tracks and pressed up against the glass window for a closer look. “There are so many people!” She exclaimed in awe at the sight of crowds swarming Singapore’s first Olympic Gold medalist.

She may have been working far away from home, but Chan’s flame for the nation still burns strong. On 10 Sep, she will have her own ‘homecoming’ – her first full-scale concert here in 15 years – at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

We find out more about what plans she has up her sleeve.

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