Jeremy Chan Plans To Marry Jesseca Liu Soon?

Jeremy Chan revealed that he plans on marrying Jesseca Liu within six months

By Nicole-Marie Ng


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According to a report by Toggle, marriage could be the next step for local actors Jeremy Chan and Jesseca Liu. There have been rumours that the pair were dating since late last year but speculation was only confirmed in April.

In a previous interview conducted in September, Jesseca, who is 37 revealed that she was actively looking for a potential suitor and she seems to have found the right guy in Jeremy. Not long after the pair revealed that they together, Jeremy shared that he intends to get married to Jesseca within the next six months. However, it is unlikely that the pair will move in together anytime soon as Jeremy intends to get his own apartment once he turns 35.

Mark Lee’s confusion

Veteran actor, Mark Lee, was reportedly surprised when he heard the news that Jeremy was considering marrying Jesseca so soon. Mark has been Jeremy’s longtime friend and mentor and he said that Jeremy never mentioned to him that he planned on getting married.

Mark was also skeptical of the timeline, stating that getting married in Singapore within half a year would be difficult. “They’re both artists and have hectic schedules so it’s hard to prepare everything within that time frame, unless they’re having a really simple wedding. In my opinion, giving themselves nine months to prepare for it would be the most ideal,” he told Toggle.

Jesseca’s response

Even Jesseca seems weary of getting married within such a short time frame. She told Toggle that Jeremy’s grandmother recently passed away. According to Chinese customs, that would require to get married within 100 days of her passing or wait for one to three years before it’s auspicious once more for them to do so.

In her statement, she said that it would not be an appropriate time to raise the issue now as the death happened recently. She also revealed that Jeremy has not formally proposed, but the two have talked about it and are considering applying for a flat together.