Jamie Yeo: Small Steps To Save The Earth

We find out why the babe takes sustainable living as seriously as her entertainment work


Jamie Yeo with her daughter, Alysia, at the Green Living event to promote Double A’s 1Dream1Tree campaign.

When she’s not busy with her daughter or working on radio and television, what does Singaporean host and young mum Jamie Yeo do? Recently, it seems she’s into saving the Earth.

Stepping up for Double A’s recent sustainability campaign, 1Dream1Tree, Yeo appeared at Green Living 2016 to share about the importance of purchasing products made through sustainable means.

We catch up with Yeo to find out what inspired her to champion environmental awareness, and what the average person can do to make a difference.

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What can the average Singaporean do to help?

Sometimes people don’t really fully understand what sustainability means and think if you just recycle your used paper and put the right bottles in the right bins, this is the most you can do. But actually there is a lot more… Every purchase you make will affect the planet.

What are some eco-friendly steps that you’ve taken?

I sold my car three months ago, which was something I didn’t think I could do but I eventually realised that I didn’t need to own a car, which cuts down on the carbon emissions.

I try to take the stairs whenever possible and walk my daughter to school every morning so that we can enjoy the fresh air together. I also recycle used items whenever possible and do proper research into product labels to ensure what I buy is sustainable!

What’s your favourite hawker centre in Singapore?

It’ll have to be Adam Road Food Center. It’s near where I stay so I go there quite often to get my prawn mee and nasi lemak fix. Besides, it’s a place with pretty good vibes as well.

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