Looking Back On ‘Game Of Thrones’: 10 Most Memorable Moments Across All 8 Seasons

Our watch may have ended, but these iconic scenes demand a rewatch

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Warning: this post is dark and full of spoilers for season one through eight of Game of Thrones.

It's the end of an era - the mega hit HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones has come to an end on Monday. The finale was, let's just say, unexpected and rather controversial. We personally thought the ending could have been better in many ways; but whether you love it, hate it, or feel just meh about it, the series finale does not negate the huge impact that Game of Thrones has made in the world of entertainment. The final episode set a HBO viewership record, attracting an audience of 19.3 million. We're preparing ourselves for more record-smashing during award season, when the show would likely add to its current trove of 47 Emmy wins, the most for any TV series.

Why has Game of Thrones captivated millions of fans around the world, worming its way into our hearts forever? The following top moments across all eight seasons of the show offer just 10 reasons. We have picked them for their iconic, tone-setting, most riveting significance, hoping that they can serve as a balm to your post-Game of Thrones woes.

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2. Daenerys becomes the Mother of Dragons (Season 1, Episode 10)

While we were still reeling from Ned Stark’s death, the first season of Game of Thrones gratefully ended on a more awe-inspiring note. Daenerys calmly walking into her husband Khal Drogo’s flaming funeral pyre was enough to stun us, but when she arises the next morning with three baby dragons clinging to her naked body, that was the birth of the Mother of Dragons, and the formidable leader Daenerys Targaryen is to become.

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