Fluffy’s Pet Diary: Simple ways to walk your doggie & be a good owner

Even dogs know they need a leash!

Franky brought home some gifts for me! One of them is a new leash. I asked him what it was for and he explained.

Even dogs know they need a leash!
Even dogs know they need a leash!

Hi, I’m Fluffy! Today, my owner Franky got me a new leash! We usually go out walking every day and he always uses a leash and walks me responsibly. I love my new leash; it feels comfortable.

Walk Smart, Always Leash your dog Outdoors

I must admit, sometimes I get carried away chasing birds and cats that I may accidentally run into the street and get injured. Or, I might get lost!

Leashing also reduces bigger problems such as a dog hurting or disturbing others.

I was also told that dog owners are required by law to leash their dogs in public places. So don’t waste money paying a fine!

Sharing Small Spaces with Others

When walking or heading into small spaces such as lifts and staircases, owners should try to keep their dogs close to their side or carry them, if possible.

I try to stay around Franky’s legs when we enter the lift.

Poop and Pee in the Right Areas

During walks, owners should clean up after their pet using a plastic bag to pick up the poop and to dispose of it safely in a
rubbish bin.

Dog pee is smelly and it lingers. So don’t let dogs pee on concrete floors or pillars in common areas.

If such accidents happen, the owner must take responsibility and try to wipe it or wash it away to prevent bad smells and stains.

We should do our part to maintain a clean environment for all our neighbours.

Places to Visit

Our Garden City has many sidewalks, neighbourhood trees and parks, and grassy areas for us to explore every day. There are even malls with doggie playgrounds! Better than ever, there are also dog run areas in parks where we can run freely and safely without needing the leashes!

With so many great places to visit, it gets me and Franky excited on the number of places we can explore together.

Got to go. Time for my next walk!



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