Fann Wong On Latest Movie: I Refused To Wear Make-up

For her role in Taiwanese film Packages from Daddy, the actress insisted on going bare-faced

Photos: Pamela Chow, Courtesy of Shaw Theatres

Even after giving birth to a son - Zed, who is now two - Fann Wong remains a glamorous fashion icon. The veteran actress, who is married to fellow actor Christopher Lee, was recently spotted at a Michael Kors opening and shot a campaign for Ed Hardy diffusion line, Hardy Hardy.

But this is not the Fann that appears in Packages from Daddy. On the contrary, she takes on a sombre role as a single mother of two saddled with the sudden death of her husband. The Taiwanese production was directed by Tsai Yin-chuan.

Before the Singapore Gala Premiere, Fann bares all about being a mother - both on and off the camera.

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Did filming this show change your relationship with Christopher?

After watching it in Taipei, I told him, “Can you please live to 100 years old?” We all have to deal with death and it’s anguishing to lose someone you love. If he really goes before me, I would weep every day.


The movie has also made me more aware of my actions. I ask myself if I treasured my loved one today; or if I was careless about something that seemed unimportant, but actually meant a lot to someone else.

You’ve been together for so many years. Do you still do romantic things for each other?

Yes, it’s been seven years. Sometimes, he will visit me on set and send me flowers, although I tell him there’s no need to. It’s hard to please a woman – send flowers also cannot, don’t send also cannot!

Actually, I think [the romance] is still quite fresh for us. We’re often apart for filming, so we cherish the moments we spend together.


Who’s the stricter parent and who’s the fun parent?

Initially, he was the fun parent – but now, he’s starting to eye the power of being the ‘bad cop’. His favourite is chanting, “One. Two. Two and a half,” and making sure that our son will obey him, especially in front of others. When it happens, you can see that proud father’s look on his face. [Laughs]

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