Sentosa Spooktacular 2014: Surviving Laddaland

Planning to get spooked this Halloween? Here are tips on how to enjoy the horrors of Laddaland… and live to tell the tale


Sentosa is stepping up its Halloween game, and this year Fort Siloso will be swallowed by the eerie fog of Laddaland.

Fans of Thai horror may recognise Laddaland as a chilling 2011 movie. In fact, Sentosa Spooktacular has collaborated with GTH to actualise the studio’s most horrifying moments.

Now, you can walk through the same creepy sets haunted by violent deaths – but you may not make it out alive.

Thai Film-Inspired Horrors

Laddaland is an idyllic gated neighbourhood by day but, come nightfall, ghosts rise to exact vengeance upon innocent visitors (like you). Can you hide well enough before the dead find you?

Escape from Laddaland and you may make it to The Swimmers, where star athletes are waiting to splash around with you. It’s a dream for those into the sporty scene – if you don’t mind that they happen to be dead and ready to drag new victims into the deep.

Don’t chicken out yet because the twins of Alone are waiting. After a dangerous surgery, Ploy is killed and returns to haunt her happily-married sister, Pim. Help Pim escape from Ploy’s wrath, but be sure to guard your own soul as well.

One Scary Party

And, finally, the folks at Countdown are ready to party! But there is something awfully wrong about one of the guests.

Join in as the celebration transforms into a life-threatening game of hunter and hunted. Will you outlast the countdown to your demise?

Venture through the trails in any order you like but be especially wary of these characters: the Laddaland maid, who was mauled and stuffed into a fridge; Ice, the drowned girl from The Swimmers; the Siamese twins from Alone; and the game master from Countdown.

Tips to Survive & Have Fun

Scared already? Here are some tips for an eerie good time.

  • Dress comfortably for a quick getaway, but note that masks, props, and sharp objects are forbidden.
  • Don’t run, or you risk bumping into the surprise around the corner!
  • Photography and videography are also not allowed on the trails. You don’t want to capture and bring home something… dirty.
  • You might get shocked and lash out – that’s understandable. But try not to hit the offending ghoul. If you hit your fellow companions, though, nobody can blame you.
  • And if things get too scary to bear, squat down and wave your hands vigorously and the team will escort you out of the trail.

The ghosts have all the time in the world but, for us mortals, entry is from 7pm to 12am midnight, and the trails are open until 1am. We recommend that you head in early for ample time to get spooked!

Sentosa Spooktacular is open for scares on 11, 17, 18, 24, 25, 31 Oct & 1 Nov. Tickets can be purchased at

Advance Tickets Still On Sale

Advance tickets are still on sale at $56.60 (UP $66.60) each, and $282.90 (UP $399.60) for the Buy-5-Get-1-Free package.

The early bird promotions end on 30 Sep, so grab your tickets now!