Donate Your Old Shoes And Be Rewarded

Celebrate Earth Day with Clarks’ Shoe Donation Drive

 By Nicole-Marie Ng


Donate your old shoes and sandals and be rewarded with a 30% discount off a brand new pair of Clarks shoes.

The donation drive will be happening from Mar 11 to Apr 10 at Clarks retail stores.

Shoes collected during this one-month long campaign will be donated to The Salvation Army is support of their humanitarian work. By donating your old shoes, you also help the environment by reducing your waste.


Help the needy

Clarks Earth Hour (1)


The shoe donation drive collects pre-loved shoes that are still in good and wearable condition, and makes them available to people in need of shoes.

In a survey conducted by Clarks, they found that many Singaporeans hoard footwear they don’t use but can’t bear to throw them away. The reasons for keeping these shoes are familiar – many have problems discarding possessions, attach sentimental feelings to their shoes, and think that they might find a use for them one day.

Change that mindset by putting your shoe hoard to good use. Your shoes will be given a new lease of life when you donate them to charity. A pair of used sports shoes may enable an underprivileged child properly participate in sports activities and a pair of flats might be the perfect gift for someone who only has slippers to wear.

Pay a visit to Clarks and make your donation today!


ION. 2 Orchard Turn, #B2-22 Ion Orchard, 23880. T: 6238 8726

Jem. Jurong Gateway Road, S 608549. T: 6225 5536  

Paragon. #03-12, 290 Orchard Rd, S 238859.  T: 6835 3322