7 Creative Libraries Around The World You Need To See

You probably didn’t know you needed this to encourage you to read or study

Even if you’re not the most avid reader, we bet you’ll be itching to visit these incredibly cool libraries around the world. We’re not talking about stunning architecture, though some on this list really are beautifully designed, too; the following are the unique libraries that add to your experience of reading, studying or just chilling. Clever and innovative, these libraries introduce awesome features we didn’t know we wanted or needed!

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Photo: Pima County Public Library

1. Reading to therapy dogs (Arizona, USA)

Do your little ones feel anxious whenever they’re reading aloud? They’d probably feel much more at ease if they could read to an adorable dog! All over the world, there are lots of reading dogs visiting libraries to listen to children read aloud to them. The Pima County Public Libraries in Arizona, USA, have launched their Read To A Dog program in 2006 and it quickly took off among the residents. The certified therapy dogs are so attentive when the children are reading! They don’t judge, which helps young reluctant readers gain confidence in reading aloud to a companion.

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