Chua En Lai Dishes Out His Favourite Travel Tips

The local comedian uses his new Air NZ cred to share his top tips for flying comfortably

Photos: Courtesy of Air New Zealand

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You often come across as comical and light-hearted – is this how you are in real life?

I think actors aren’t necessarily extroverts. I am, sometimes. Hehe. I get stressed easily and that’s when I’m really quiet. So if you would like some peace and quiet, stress me out.

I still freak out every time I have to go in front of an audience. It never gets easy.

Are you playing Pokemon Go?

No! If I started I’d never stop!

What upcoming projects can fans see you in?

I’m busy rehearsing for SG Day in San Francisco in September. It’ll be the first time SG Day visits the west coast of the United States so that’s quite exciting!

From 17 Nov to 18 Dec, the pantomime “Monkey Goes West” returns for another run! I’ll be reprising my role as the ugliest and most evil Princess Iron Fan ever! [Laughs] And to keep me even busier, there may some “breaking noose” coming your way pretty soon!

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