Chua En Lai Dishes Out His Favourite Travel Tips

The local comedian uses his new Air NZ cred to share his top tips for flying comfortably

Photos: Courtesy of Air New Zealand

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Why did you choose to be an ambassador for Air NZ?

NZ’s really close to heart for me – I moved to there at the age of eight, where I lived all the way through university. I also love to travel… So, given my Kiwi upbringing, this collaboration felt like a natural fit.

The other thing is the Air NZ’s creativity and sense of humour. Have you seen their in-flight safety videos? It’s like they’ve brought the fun back to travel! So I like being part of that!

Can you recommend some top spots in NZ?

Auckland: I’d recommend Ponsonby, Parnell and K Road. All a bit hipster… Great coffee too. Just off Queen St, there’s Vulcan Lane where you can get NZ labels like Zambesi.

Wellington: New Zealand’s cultural capital – this city is bustling with museums, theatres, galleries and boutiques. It’s pretty underrated. I purposely flew there when I was at school to watch a Bjork concert!

Queenstown: It has everything. Food, wine, sport, and the scenery is O-M-G! Plus it’s a great hub to explore the lakes and mountains fjords that stretch up the West Coast.

Marlborough: I love my wine, so Marlborough is perfect for that with the country’s best wines all in place! Now I want to go to Marlborough.

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