6 Acts To Catch At The SG International Festival Of Arts

Held from 11 Aug to 17 Sep, the Singapore International Festival of Arts is back to inspire

By Nicole-Marie Ng; Images: Courtesy of SIFA

Potentialities. The theme of this year’s Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA). The focus on potential occurrences that could possibly happen in this time of uncertainty.

The world faces threats of global warming, terrorism and economic uncertainty. As a nation, Singapore’s safe and peaceful bubble is showing signs of wanting to burst.

At the same time, potentialities also point to hope, an ideal we want to project through art and performance. This year’s SIFA aims to help you enjoy the arts and find in the arts your own potential to aspire towards better things. Unlock your potential by visiting these key performances.

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Hamlet Collage 14 @ Sergey Petrov

1. Hamlet | Collage

Directed by the legendary Robert Lepage, Hamlet | Collage took more than two years to create. The high-tech and high-energy piece was designed with only one actor in mind, Russia’s national artist, Evgeny Mironov. Mironov plays every single character in Hamlet himself, ensuring that this Shakespearean production will be unlike any other you’ve seen.

When: 12, 13 August 8pm, 2h 25m, no intermission

Where: Drama Centre Theatre

Price: $40, $60, $80

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