A starry-eyed Starlight surprise

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s beloved musical, Starlight Express, zooms into Singapore for the first time

By Brandon Era


Image courtesy of Eric Richmond
Image courtesy of Eric Richmond

One of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s best loved, longest running and most incredibly unique musicals, Starlight Express, is running in Singapore for the first time. It is in town only for a limited period of time, until Nov 24, so don’t miss it. With the likes of The Phantom of the Opera, Cats and Evita under his belt, Andrew Lloyd Webber delivered yet another masterpiece in Starlight Express.

With its high intensity moves, ridiculously catchy tunes and incredible stunts, you’ll be promised a night of pure entertainment, as I experienced.

Rockin’ ‘N’ Rollin’ Good Time

This rock musical sensation has been one of the most successful productions for Andrew Lloyd Webber to date. Coming only second to Cats in terms of the longest-running musical, Starlight Express boasts a highly-energetic performance coupled with smooth ballads, all taking place on roller-skates.

The entire cast of 28 people will amaze you with their precision, speed and skill, showcasing extraordinary roller-choreography from the renowned West End choreographer Arlene Phillips.


The rocking tunes by the high-voltage team of Andrew Lloyd Webber and David Yazbek will certainly keep your foot tapping as you experience a myriad of musical styles such as jazz, rap, blues and, of course, rock ‘n’ roll.

Image courtesy of Eric Richmond
Image courtesy of Eric Richmond

A Delight for Children

The story of the Starlight Express was originally conceived as a cartoon story for Lloyd Webber’s own children. It tells of a child’s dream, in which toy trains come to life and compete to become the fastest engine in the world, while also competing for the glamorous coaches with whom they must be “coupled” with.

The main competitors of the race – electric train Elektra, the diesel powerhouse Greaseball and the lovable main train Rusty, a steam locomotive – all compete and vie for the love and affection of the first class coach, Pearl.

Starlight Express is a futuristic tale about love, rivalry and hope in the fear of adversity. It is told in a simple, pure and powerful way because of setting of the entire musical taking place in a child’s dream.

With high-intensity dance moves, stunt skating, 3D effects as well as turbo-charged excitement, Starlight Express delivers a two-hour spectacle that’s not to be missed.

Tickets start from $65 and exclude a booking fee of $3 a ticket. Book your tickets through www.BASEentertainmentasia.com or www.MarinaBaySands.com/Ticketing, or call 6688 8826.

Starlight Blitz Facts

  • Starlight Express opened on Mar 27, 1984. It is second only to Cats as the longest running musical in British theatre history.
  • New cast members had to attend skate school for four weeks before starting rehearsals.
  • The top speed recorded by a skater on stage was over 64 km/h!