The Beng is back!

Sebastian Tan broadway beng pai kia musical dream academy Ge Tai hokkien singapore childhood ai pia jia eh yia

Sebastian Tan broadway beng pai kia musical dream academy Ge Tai hokkien singapore childhood ai pia jia eh yia

The Broadway Beng, Sebastian Tan, is back with more pai kia (gangster) antics. We catch up with him and find out his thoughts on the show

By Cheryl Chia

Dream Academy’s The Broadway Beng has been delighting us with Sebastian Tan’s Hokkien-slamming, skirt-chasing antics for the past seven years.

Now, Sebastian is back to reprise his iconic role in Broadway Beng: Benging You Back to Basics. This edition also stars Judee Tan and Siti Khalijah. It promises to be side-splitting.

Sebastian, who also wrote the script, says, “I draw a lot from my personal experiences when I write the script. This year, I will ‘Beng’ you back to basics with stories from my childhood and growing up years!”

“Audiences can look forward to bright lights of Broadway and the ‘obiang’ lights of ge tai as Broadway Beng comes back with a personal and intimate touch,” he excitedly adds.

What can audiences expect from Broadway Beng: Benging You Back to Basics?

It will be a brand new show full of brand new funny childhood stories, popular Hokkien ditties and Broadway tunes. I will also joke about the evolution of the “Beng” culture and much more!

Together with my five ChioBuus (Hokkien for hot chick), we’ll remind everyone how there’s a Beng and Lian in everyone! Bringing you back to the ‘cock’ humour that is so Broadway Beng, it will be a fun, fantabulous, ****ing wholesome show for the whole family!

Huat ah!

What makes an Ah Beng the most ‘tok gong’ (great) Ah Beng?

Create a show that will make the audience chio ka peng (laugh until collapse), cry and sing along to their all-time favourite Hokkien songs and Broadway musical show tunes which is, of course, The Broadway Beng.

What is your favourite Ah Beng Song and why?

”Ai Pia Jia Eh Yia” (loosely translated: Must Fight to Succeed). It’s a Hokkien anthem that teaches you how, in life, you must strive then can win! Now, sing it!

What will the Broadway Beng be doing next?

Crazy Christmas! With some fellow ‘Ting Tong Belles” at The Esplanade Theatre. Come celebrate with us; everyone’s invited!

If you could say one thing to Singaporeans, what would it be?

Stop complaining lah and learn to laugh more. 🙂

Broadway Beng runs from Oct 10 at the Drama Centre Theatre.