Sing along with Constance Song

#80_behappier_Photo-6-11-13-10-30-24Constance Song shares with us her experience with Toy Factory Productions and her involvement in its upcoming fundraiser

Local bilingual theatre company Toy Factory Productions is thrilled to present Like! Musical, to be held as part of a charity dinner at Singapore Marriott Hotel on May 16.

The fundraising concert showcases the company’s most memorable musical tunes performed by a stellar cast of artistes such as Constance Song. We speak with Constance on her involvement.

Who is the beneficiary of the fundraiser?

The beneficiary of the fundraiser is Toy Factory Productions. This inaugural fundraising initiative by Toy Factory Productions is conceived by Chief Artistic Director Goh Boon Teck, who hopes that the company, with the support of the public, can continue to create and present more groundbreaking and inspiring works that will captivate audiences worldwide as well as provide the platform for more local talents to pursue performing arts in Singapore.

With the company’s direction to do more musicals in the next two years, these funds will be beneficial in raising the standard and quality of future productions.

What will you be singing in Like!?

I will be singing a track titled “I Have a Date with Spring”.

You have a stake in BAM! Tapas as well. What made you decide to venture into F&B and how has it been?

It was a coincidence. I consider myself to be a foodie. I love gourmet dining and I absolutely appreciate good food.

I have been following this Spanish chef whose impressive culinary experiences include a stint at the three-Michelin-starred restaurant Santi, in Spain. When the opportunity to work together presented itself, we went into it without hesitation.

Any memorable or funny moments on stage that you can share with us?

I was working with Toy Factory Productions on my first musical, “I Have a Date with Spring”, and I was constantly on the lookout in case anything unexpected happens.

During one of the night performances, my microphone was not functioning well and I had to be called backstage to change the microphone mid-way through! We managed to pull through and all thanks to my experienced co-actors too.

What would you like to say to Singaporeans?

Please support local productions so that we can have more opportunity to improvise and bring the best to our Singapore audience. Only with your support, everything will be possible.

Please E-mail for enquiries on the charity dinner held on May 16.

By Cheryl Chia