New belle for bella

Joanne Peh is still as ravishing
Joanne Peh is still as ravishing
Joanne Peh is still as ravishing

Bella Skin Care has appointed popular actress Joanne Peh as its new spokesperson

By Cheryl Chia

After a seven-year domination by veteran star Fann Wong, Bella Skin Care has appointed a new Bella girl as its celebrity spokesperson. Enter popular actress Joanne Peh.

We speak with the vivacious Joanne on her new role and the other things
she has been keeping herself busy with.

How do you like your new role as spokesperson of Bella Skin Care?

It is such an honour to be invited into the Bella family. I have heard of them since I was a student and wondered what it will be like to experience their treatments back then.

When I first entered the industry, I didn’t use to see the importance of doing facials, and it was only until last New Year, I decided to set myself a resolution to take better care of myself, and then coincidentally this appointment came about.

I am touched that they are willing to take care of me and my skin needs.

Which are your favourite treatments from Bella?

There are many different treatments catered for different skin needs, so it is important to not be misled to think that one type of facial works for everybody.

Our skin at different periods will require different attention.

Right now, I prefer hydration facials such as Bella’s Derma-Epi Glow Therapy because, recently, I have been spending long hours shooting in air-conditioned environments, so the facials help replenish the moisture lost.

As an artiste, you are frequently exposed to cosmetics. Do you have any personal skin care tips?

My biggest fear is pimples! But I’ve come to realise that sometimes the bumps on our faces are not necessarily pimples, even though they look like it.

It could be our skin reacting to the cosmetics we use, so make sure the makeup you are using is not causing your skin to break out.

Joanne is the new face of Bella
Joanne is the new face of Bella

What have you been up to lately?

I just wrapped up filming for a Channel 5 drama, “Code of Law 2”, and am working on the third instalment of the police drama on Channel 8, “CLIF 3”.

Any funny moments on the job that you could share?

I was trying to save Jeanette Aw’s character from a sleazy guy by throwing hot coffee on him.

The swinging action of the can of coffee caused most of the coffee to splash onto me instead!

It went into my eyes, and stained my kebaya! Thankfully, it wasn’t hot!

What would you like to do when you aren’t working?

I am hoping to cosy up at home with my boyfriend [Ed: Joanne is currently dating fellow actor Qi Yuwu] and maybe cook a simple dinner together.

Joanne was most recently seen in “The Journey: A Voyage”. Look out for her in her upcoming shows on Channels 5 & 8.