Much Fanfare for Fann Wong

Actress Fann Wong is named Marie France Bodyline’s new spokewoman, even before she’s popped, we catch up with her on her impending motherhood

Fann Wong has been the darling of Singaporeans since her days as a fresh-faced model for Oil of Olay products, she’s come a long way with many movies and television programmes under her belt. Now she embarks on her latest and biggest journey yet.

Becoming a mother.



You are currently 8 months along into your pregnancy, are you looking forward to being a mother or do you feel slightly daunted?

I am so looking forward to meeting my baby and being a mother, it has been a long honeymoon and I couldn’t be happier.

You don’t seem to have gained a lot of weight during your pregnancy, how will your new role with Marie France help you regain your figure?

I hide it well…actually, I have already gained 17 kg in my 8th month! But I am not worried about this extra weight as I am confident that Marie France Bodyline’s post-natal treatments that use advanced technology will be able to help me achieve my slimming and body contouring goals after my delivery.

 Were you nervous or self-conscious for the Demi Moore- esque semi-nude shoot you did with Marie France Bodyline?

Not at all! The Marie France Bodyline team and the shoot crew were very professional and made   sure I was totally at ease. And we are all very happy with the photos!


 What are your future plans for your career after having  your child?

Well I’d like to spend some tiMFFW1~261656_FOP_070714_CMYKme bonding with my baby before I get back to work. So, I am not in   a hurry to return to work after my delivery.

 Would you consider having another child then?

I am open to it for sure!

How has this pregnancy been on you?

The first 3 months were awful! I felt nauseous all the time and I spent most of my time in bed. But after the first trimester, everything changed! I felt energetic and I started to really enjoy food so much so that I started to eat like a dinosaur.

You have a very supportive fan club, what would you like to say to them?

I have been getting so much love and wonderful support from my fans and I like to thank them all for it. I can feel that they are also sharing my joy and happiness and for that I feel very blessed.

By Cheryl Chia