Director Jesseca Liu?

#83_ent_EJ1~232103-2Skincare and beauty brand Estetica unveiled the leggy Jesseca Liu as their new spokesperson – we ask her about her latest aspirations

TV star Jesseca Liu has come a long way from being a mere kampong girl from Langkawi to the glamorous actress we now see in various Channel 8 dramas.

Jesseca talks to us on her new role as Estetica’s new spokesperson and her aspirations. For her, the sky’s the limit.

How do you like your new role as spokesperson for Estetica?

I am extremely honoured to be Estetica’s brand ambassador! I have tried many facials and treatments but Estetica has set themselves apart, as their services and products are top-notch.

Their therapists are extremely well trained and their treatment techniques are simply the best I have ever experienced. I’m also really grateful for Estetica’s understanding and support for me, especially for accommodating my busy schedule. It is heartening to find partners like this.

What are your favourite treatments from Estetica?

I never thought I would become a fan of treatments, because, in my mind, they require long hours, and my schedule seldom allows for it. In addition, my mum was a beauty therapist and would use me as her model, and I often ended up having to spend half a day on the treatment bed!

So, I developed a ‘resistance’ towards beauty treatments, especially long ones, and focused on quick beauty fixes instead. My favourite Estetica Signature Facial consists of a 32-step acupressure facial massage, which is very relaxing. It’s definitely something I look forward to after a long day at work.

Do you have any personal skincare tips, as an artiste?

When I was a lot younger, I used to take the easy way out, thinking that doing the minimum was enough. But since I came into the entertainment industry, so many stylists and makeup artists are shocked that I’ve never put on sunscreen. They keep telling me the same thing: sunscreen is essential for the face!

I place great emphasis on my diet too. I eat mainly fish and vegetables to maintain my figure and complexion. I also exercise whenever time permits. It is not only about looking good; it is also about being healthy.

#83_ent_Estetica---Jesseca-+-SignAny future plans that you can share with us?

Recently, I embarked on a new challenge by co-writing the script and overseeing the production for the drama series “Who Killed the Lead”, which premieres on May 5 onwards on XinMSN and on May 25 on Channel U.

I’m also currently filming another drama series, “Blessings”, and it will keep me occupied for the next few months

Any funny or memorable moments on set?

I have always been very blur, so there are actually quite a number of funny moments on set. Walking into the Gents and tripping over things happens frequently!

The trick is always to recover gracefully as if you always meant for that to happen! More recently, during the shooting of “Who Killed the Lead”, I mixed up and saved some of the names and numbers of my co-stars wrongly on my phone.

We had a group chat and I asked in the group chat why Jayley isn’t in the chat at all, and she replied saying she was in the group all the time. The situation turned out to be quite embarrassing!

What do you like to do on in your time off?

Since production for “Blessings” began, my schedule has been really tight. I hardly have time for myself.

I have fallen in love with scriptwriting, after my first attempt in “Who Killed the Lead”. I am now learning more about it, and hopefully I’ll be able to take on the role of a director as well in time to come.

Jesseca’s new series “Who Killed the Lead” premiered on May 5 on XinMSN & May 25 on Channel U.