Travel With Your Favourite Superhero With These Ez-link Cards

Now you can say you have Batman in your pocket

By Nicole-Marie Ng



Carry your favourite superhero in your wallet.


Due to popular demand, EZ-Link Pte Ltd has extended the ‘Travel with your Justice League Super Hero’ campaign beyond Mar 31. With the extension, holders of the Adult Anonymous ez-link cards expiring before Dec 31 can get their hands on the limited edition Justice League cards.

There are ten Justice League characters to choose from including popular favourites like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Other characters include Green Lantern, Robin, Flash, Supergirl, The Joker, and Catwoman.

Eligible cardholders can visit any TransitLink Ticket Office to get the Justice League ez-link cards at a subsidised cost of $3 per card. Availability of each Justice League ez-link card design will vary at different TransitLink Ticket Offices.

To find out if you are eligible for the subsidised Justice League Cards, cardholders can check the expiry dates on top-up receipts at EZ-Link Top-up Machines, TransitLink Ticket Offices and Passenger Service Counters.

Unfortunately, the Justice League ez-link cards cannot be purchased if you do not have an ez-link card that is expiring before Dec 31.