6 Times Selena Gomez Slayed At #RevivalTourSingapore

Sizzling new costumes, an emotional ode and that unforgettable bathtub scene

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1. When she kicked off her concert with Calvin Harris’ This Is What You Came For

The lights dimmed ever so slightly at approximately 8:45pm, prompting fans to go into a tizzy as Calvin Harris’ “This is What You Came For” boomed on the sound system for the second time.

In what was perhaps the ultimate show of friendship and support, the songstress came dancing onstage to the club hit, also famously known as the song that her BFF Taylor Swift not so secretly penned.

Back story: Taylor and Calvin’s very public relationship was said to have crumbled over said song, which Taylor apparently wrote under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg — and had now reclaimed as her own.

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2. The debut of her stunning new looks

After parading styles like disco ball body suits, an overload of hair and killer boots for most part of her Revival Tour, Selena surprised with a modest get-up of palazzo pants and a matching black turtleneck at the Malaysia concert.

Here in Singapore, she turned up the heat all over again, sizzling with peekaboo leather crop tops and latex pants. Needless to say, all eyes were on her incredibly svelte figure.

Most memorable of all was the elegant black dress with a curve-hugging silhouette and a thigh-high slit, which she donned as she serenaded us with “Who Says”.

She cut a statuesque figure as she moved the crowds with the emotional number that nearly drew tears for many.

The lyrics “Who says, who says you’re not perfect?/Who says you’re not worth it?” hinted at the crippling insecurity behind the blessings of beauty and fame.

When “Me and My Girls” came on, she teased the crowds with a nearly sheer top (save for a leopard printed fabric strip across her chest), leaving little to the imagination.

Her parting shot? A neon orange bralet half hidden behind a — you guessed it — neon orange bomber jacket.

3. The emotional ode

Fans of Selena are no strangers to the fact that despite her unmistakably sexy stage persona, she’s very staunch about her religion.

As her dancers exited the stage, a vulnerable looking Selena gazed sincerely at the audience and said: “I get to do what I love everyday, and it’s all because of you.”

At that moment, a couple of fans screamed in gratitude, “We love you, we love you!” At that moment, there was zero doubt that Selena Gomez could possibly be the most well-loved pop singer around — most number of Instagram followers notwithstanding.

Following her declaration of adoration for her fans, she proceeded to melt hearts with her rendition of “Nobody”, a God-centred song which includes the lyrics “No heart, no hands, no skin, no touch / Can get me there, nowhere enough / To love me like you do, to love me like you do / No kiss, no lips, no feel, no rush / Can you keep me high, I swear no one.”

Cue goose bumps all around.


4. That teaser of a very sexy bathtub scene

Truth is, Selena’s as much of a stage chameleon as any singer worth her salt. After a quick outfit change, she picked up pace by teasing the audience with a high-octane dance routine.

Setting the scene for “Feel Me”, two gigantic flower structures sprouted from the stage, framing the petite singer as she gyrated to the sensual number.

The flowers, as if a reference to her blooming years, contrasted with a background video of her frolicking in a bathtub overflowing with rose petals.

Now and then, shrieks of excitement erupted from the audience as video cuts of a near-naked Selena made their appearance.

It’s official — our favourite Barney girl is all grown up and not afraid to flaunt it.

5. Her strode down memory lane

While the bulk of her performances centred on the mid-tempo songs from her second solo studio album Revival (2015), mostly channelling girl power with lyrics that hint at love and confidence, she didn’t forget to walk us down memory lane.

When the unforgettable beats of “Love Song” thumped, the crowd started jumping. I too, was dizzy with happiness.

The catchy pop hit spoke of the early stages of young love, being enamoured and fearless — before the darker overtones of heartache took over. It inevitably stirred up some memories within her fans too.

Soon after, the mood turned sombre as she sang “The Heart Wants What It Wants”, rumoured to be the defining song of her then relationship with Justin Bieber and also, the unofficial Breakup Song of 2014.

Her slightly raspy but deep alto voice shone with this number, leaving the audience wholly absorbed in the emotions conveyed.

Right at that moment, it felt like we all were united in the same memories of growing pains.

6. When the audience grooved as one entity

Selena’s unwavering energy is a force to be reckoned with. Despite sounding a little tired at the start of the concert, she continued to belt out hit after hit, charming the audience with her singing chops.

When songs like “Same Old Love” and “Body Heat” came on, the irresistible dance numbers got the entire stadium up on their feet, gyrating as if they were in a club.

Soon after, she left us with the timely advice, “Let’s dance it all out until we have to go home. The world needs a little more kindness” before continuing her set with “Kill Em With Kindness”, as she encouraged her fans to embody positivity.

As the concert reluctantly came to a close, Selena gifted her fans with a slightly longer version of “Revival”, rallying everybody to break free of their past and to surge forward with confidence.

As her final note faded into the distance, I found myself sighing in pleasure and reminiscing every moment of her stage presence.




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