5 Winning Selfie Tips From Chow Yun Fat

The "selfie king" knows his way around the latest apps and #photographyhacks

By Pamela Chow; Photos: Courtesy of Encore Films


He's undoubtedly a big brother in the Chinese (and Hollywood) film industry, but veteran actor Chow Yun Fat is equally experienced with stylish tech trends too.

Earlier this week, he took a room of media and his colleagues - actors Aaron Kwok and Eddie Peng - by surprise when he rattled off top tips for taking the perfect selfie, including making use of moving gifs and editing apps.

Here are five selfie hacks we took away from the session, Chow Yun Fat-certified.

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2. Hold the camera at arm’s length

What’s important is that the camera must be held away at arm’s length from you, Chow shared, while demonstrating how his long arms also help.

He then went on to position the camera at the universal angle for a flattering selfie – 45 degrees from your face.

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