5 Pokemon Trainer-Inspired Outfits That’re Actually Stylish

Also, how to trawl the streets without looking out of place

Photo: Tumblr

Now that the hallowed Pokemon Go app has finally been launched in Singapore, we're entertaining the ways to dress up like the Pokemon trainers that we were all meant to be.

Reddit user ecoevodevo has shared an album of outfits inspired by Pokemon trainers in the famous franchise. We've shortlisted five that are the perfect gear for hunting for virtual creatures in the streets.

Here's how to dress like a serious trainer without committing fashion or cosplay faux pas.

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Photos: Bulbapedia, einaussenseite/ Tumblr

5. Fight like a Lady trainer

There are so many different trainer types in Pokemon – including the sophisticated “Lady” trainer class. Keep your outfits simple and dainty with a touch of opulence, and no one would even suspect you’re in Marina Bay Sands not to shop, but to catch rare Pokemon.

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