3 Reasons To Catch The Great Wall: One Woman’s Journey

A joyous history lesson illuminated by the power of song and dance

Photos: The Great Wall Musical

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, or in this case, in despair.

Case in point? The Great Wall: One Woman's Journey, which brings to life the legend of Meng Jiang Nü in a soaring musical odyssey.

In this musical, the protagonist's tears not only caused a fracture in the Great Wall, her spirit also pierces through the pride of a villainous emperor.

The theatre spectacle follows Meng Jiang Nü (Na-Young Jeon) in her quest to find her husband, Fan Qi Lang (Nathan Hartorno), who has been captured by Emperor Qin Shi Huang's (George Chan) soldiers to work on the Great Wall.

Aside from some of the brightest minds behind this production, here are three more reasons why you should catch this musical extravaganza:

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2. A stellar cast

While Singaporean heartthrob and Sing! China finalist Nathan Hartono does not disappoint with his acting and singing chops, the set of vocal pipes displayed by female lead Dutch-Korean Na-Young Jeon will truly grip you to the core.

This is evident especially in her last vocal performance If I Am Alone, which shows Meng Jiang Nü in anguish after learning about her husband’s fate. Though we hoped there was more emotional development before the next musical number, Jeon’s vocals enthralls nonetheless.

Equally noteworthy is the female ensemble’s performance of Act One’s The Women at Work and The Women of The Village, which were melodious and harmonic.

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