10 Things We Learnt From Singapore’s Top #Galbosses

Valuable business hacks from the makers and shakers of the digital world

Photos: Galboss Asia


The founding members of Galboss Asia with Minister Grace Fu.


Empowering women has never been more important, than in this digital time and age where each individual is armed with a powerful voice of their own.

Taking the lead in Singapore is Galboss Asia Symposium — a movement championing women empowerment and leadership.

At the forefront is founder and entrepreneur Sabrina Tan, who curated the all-women collaborative movement in Asia with IT veteran Tan Yen Yen, founder of COLLATE Velda Tan, director of spa CINQ Andrea De Cruz and co-founder of Mummyfique Melissa Lwee-Ramsay.


Held on 21 July, the symposium presented a series of engaging TED-styled talks and 7 power panels (Startup, Business, Entrepreneur, Mumpreneurs, Women Leadership, Digital, Personal Branding).

We sat through a couple of the sessions and gleaned these valuable and inspiring insights.


Aimee Song: Founder of Song of Style, author and entrepreneur.

Aimee Song, Fashion Blogger, Song of style

1. On the power of social media: “Women are getting recognition. You see pro-MMA fighters. You learn that fashion blogging can be a business. And you learn that there’s more than one kind of beauty. It opens up conversations.”

2. On personal branding: “Have a goal and work towards the things you love. Use your platform for positive influence. Most importantly, be authentic.”

3. On learning to say no: “Don’t be pressurized to do everything, let go of FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out). Whatever opportunities you take on, should take you to the next level.”

4. The importance of a brand book: “You should have a clear idea of your brand, and present it in a brand book. Keep notes, make sure your audience resonates with your brand.”


Digital panel: Harnessing the power of digital marketing to make an impact

Lianne Dehaye, Manager, Southeast Asia, Small & Medium Business, Facebook

5. On digital marketing: “Know your objectives for being on Facebook, whether it is to improve website click throughs or build brand presence.

This will determine what steps you take to optimize your content. For instance, boosting FB posts should be highly targeted to the right audience — age group and country.”

6. On optimizing content: “Organic distribution of business content will drop as Facebook now prioritizes people over businesses.
In the mornings especially, updates of family and friends will be a lot more prevalent compared to postings from Pages as we don’t want to bombard people with ads anymore. What this means for businesses, is the need to know what content to boost and when best to do it.”
Personal branding panel: Connecting the dots between URL and IRL.

SSIN, Makeup Artist and YouTube Star

7. On accepting feedback: “I read all the comments [on my videos] — 2,000 per video. They asked me to include prices of the products used and to add English subtitles so that they could understand; I did all of that and they kept coming back.”

8. On the quest for improvement: “I deleted my first video, I wasn’t satisfied with it. Practice makes perfect. I take inspiration from makeup artists like Michelle Phan and Jeffrey Star.”

Tan Su Shan, Managing Director and Group Head of Consumer Banking and Wealth Management, DBS

9. On being agile in today’s world: “You have to be agile in today’s fast-moving business world. The focus is on customer experience, short term deals, and most of all, looking at things through your customers’ perspective. Aim for a human-centric design in all aspects.”

10. On collaborations: “Women are naturally good at sharing and collaborating, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t disagree and stand for what you think is right. Collaboration isn’t just about agreeing.”

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