#TheWeekendList: 27-29 October

27-29 October: Attend a silent movie screening, boogie at a dance carnival, and have a fiesta at Haw Par Villa!

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Photo: National Arts Council

3. Check out a dance carnival

This Sunday (29 Oct), wake up bright and early to witness the Civic District spring to life with a host of exciting programmes and activities revolving dance, as Singapore’s nationwide dance movement Got to Move (GTM) culminates with its highlight event GTM Spotlight. Held in conjunction with Car-Free Sunday, highlights of the event happening in and around the National Gallery and Padang area include a GTM Dance-Walk, an easy to follow 30-minute ‘walkathon’ that promises cardio and fun all while grooving to the music with the enthusiastic dance motivators.

There’ll also be plenty of performances (traditional, contemporary, ballet, you name it!), and if you’re itching for some action of your own, the taster classes and interactive programmes are all just mere steps away at Connaught Drive. Now who’s ready to pick up those stunning bollywood moves?

By the way, all the programmes at GTM SPOTLIGHT are FREE!

8am – 12pm
Civic District

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