A Duct Tape Party & Art Market Is Happening Under This Highway

The underside of bridges aren’t just for the trolls…

Photo: The Local People / Facebook

One day, a group of people sat down and thought, “What’s a unique location we can throw an art market at?”

That answer was a highway viaduct. It’s 100 per cent true. The Local People has collaborated with the Singapore Land Authority to organise an Art Market/Duct Tape Party that will be held under the West Coast Viaduct on 21 Jan, 7pm.

But it’s not just going to be a bazaar. There will also be a public art installation using duct tape – hence the “Duct Tape Party” – as well as movie screenings on the ceiling of the viaduct, where viewers can watch them on their backs on comfy mats and cushions.

There will also be food trucks and a food donation drive, where all food donated will go to local organisation Food from the Heart.

The Art Market/Duct Tape Party can be found under the West Coast Viaduct, at the crossroads between Clementi Road and West Coast Ferry Road, directly opposite the road from the Cheese Prata Shop beside the National University of Singapore.

The Art Market/Duct Tape Party will be held on 21 Jan, 7pm, under the West Coast Viaduct. More information here.