Raining? You Might Find A Poem On The Street

Singapore’s sidewalks will be spray-painted with poems that appear when it rains

Photos: Courtesy of Mass Poetry / Facebook

Soon, rainy days will become a little less gloomy. A local group is undertaking a massive art project spanning Singapore’s sidewalks and – get this – the weather.

Sing Lit Station will be spray-painting excerpts of popular Singaporean poems onto our sidewalks around town. But they won’t be visible normally. By using a special paint that is both invisible and waterproof, these poems will magically appear during rainfall.

The best part right now is that you’ll get to pick which poems to appear on the sidewalks. A list of 18 excerpts have been shortlisted, and now the public can decide which works make the cut.

From now to 15 Oct, the public can vote on their favourite poems here, and Sing Lit Station will select the top 10 excerpts to be stencilled, sprayed and proudly displayed on sidewalks in the heart of the city.

This project was inspired by Mass Poetry’s “RainingPoetry” project carried out in the City of Boston.