Pokemon GO Has Landed In Singapore!

Here's six things you need to know to be the best that ever was

By Nicole-Marie Ng

The day we've all been waiting for is finally here! Pokemon GO is now available for download on the app store and android marketplace. What a glorious weekender this is about to be, just in time to celebrate National Day too. Thanks Niantic!

Here are our tips on how to level up fast so that you can brag about your Pokemon to your colleagues come Monday.

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2. Grassy areas

You’ll notice that some areas, especially parks and park connectors are especially grassy. These are great spots to walk around in to try and catch Pokemon. All the better if the patch is near a Pokestop.

We recommend heading over to East Coast Park, the whole park is currently teeming with Pokemon, especially hard to come by water type Pokemon! Other places that are great to catch water Pokemon are reservoirs, the Singapore River and Marina Bay.

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