This Obscure Roadside Store & 6 Other Places To Buy Christmas Decorations

Bring on the tinsel, glitter and ribbons of gold

It’s that time of the year to deck the halls with boughs of holly! Regardless of whether you want to display a single decorated Christmas tree or go all out like Orchard Road’s Christmas light up, here is where you need to go to get your festive shopping done:

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1. Lim Hock Swee Trading Co. 

“No photos, please!”

An unamused shopkeeper pointed an accusing finger at us, and then at our camera phones which we so confidently whipped out to capture what laid before us.

Now hot behind the ears, we kept our phones out of sight before revelling in the festive trappings and trinkets the quaint little store is brimming with. And we really mean it when we say brimming. Via a extremely narrow pathway, we navigated through the store which was also fleeting in its journey. In an estimated 20 steps, you’ll most likely find yourself at the tail-end of the store, surrounded by faux Christmas trees that are trimmed to the nines.

Aside from the razzle dazzle of Christmas ornaments and trimmings, the Geylang store also offers certain peculiars such as life-sized Santa Claus and snowman inflatables.

When Christmas ends, a salesperson shared that the space will make way for the Lunar New Year decorations, before turning back to liquor and hamper store when that season comes to a close.

Address: 801 Geylang Road, Singapore 389684
Tel: 67442266/98633138 
Operating Hours: 930am to 6pm

P.S: If the store doesn’t serve your festive needs, a separate shop located right opposite Lim Hock Swee is also serving a whole buffet of Yuletide goodies. On the non-festive months, the shop resumes selling all kinds of government-approved electric bikes.

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