i Light Marina Bay 2018: 5 Insta-Worthy Highlights You Have To Check Out

Look out for an iridescent passageway, as well as a huge pulsating heart installation

Come Friday March 9, Asia's leading sustainable light art festival i Light Marina Bay will return to light up the bay area with 22 enthralling light installations showcased around the Marina Bay waterfront and the Esplanade Park. A myriad of activities will also complement the light installations at not one, but four main festival hubs, namely the Art-Zoo Inflatable Park at The Float, GastroBeats at The Promontory, the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival at the Bayfront Event Space, and the ILLUMI Bar at the Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza.

Expect a series of exciting line-ups (some of which charges may apply) from family-bonding games, music performances to art workshops. The light installations are entirely free though, and here are five Insta-worthy highlights we think you shouldn't miss:

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2. Light Breeze by Lasalle College of Arts (Singapore)

Inspired by the gentle sways of the cogon grass, or more colloquially known as the lalang, Light Breeze is a tribute to the overlooked and diminishing flora and fauna within Singapore’s ever urbanising landscape. Do we really need so many skyscrapers and shopping malls? The calming and gentle installation sways ever so slightly to its surrounding landscape, and seeks to pay tribute to the nostalgic nature of Singapore’s past.

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