In Pictures: The NCO Club Is Singapore’s Fanciest Multi-Concept Lifestyle Destination

The heritage building houses four eclectic concepts to last you through the day

Photos: Weekender/The NCO CLub

In the days of yore, it was typical on weekends to catch sight of off-duty soldiers filing into the NAAFI Britannia Club for a bit of R&R: Beer-imbibing, playing billiards, lolling around poolside, shimmying on the dancefloor and indulging in more clubhouse's comforts. The heritage building was built in 1952 and had become a treasured architectural relic, serving as one of the fondest memories that was forged in Singapore.

Several decades later, the beloved Britannia Club has finally metamorphosed into The NCO Club, a multi-concept destination that upholds the age-old purpose of being a social enclave for whoever that drops by. Exuding a colonial charm from its exterior, the building is strikingly grandiose inside with posh carpet floors, gleaming hardware fixtures, and commanding chandeliers hanging off from ceilings; even the waitstaff are clad in expensive-looking uniforms.

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Fish Pool 

But if wine doesn’t tickle your fancy, then saunter further in and you’ll find yourself at Fish Pool, a cool champagne, caviar and oyster bar. Unlike Stags’ Room, which gives off a more sensual and masculine vibe, the Fish Pool’s setting is a lot chirpier with floors glittering in multi-coloured tiles and a scene-stealing ‘feature wall’ that literally looks through an adjacent diving pool. The body of water was created more of a centrepiece, rather than an amenity. While recreational swimming is not allowed, the pool doubles as a stage for aquatic performances such as synchronised swimming and mesmerising acts by ‘mermaids’. Oysters and caviar offered are all from France, alongside the small section of smoked salmon. For champagne, expect renowned labels from Roederer and Roses de Jeanne.

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