Famous Korean Toast Chain Isaac Toast, Slappy Cakes And More New Eateries Now Open At Plaza Singapore

Get ready your fat pants for these exciting eats

Plaza Singapura is always set out to improve itself when it comes to entertaining its shoppers. You may recall the most exciting time of 2013, when the shopping mall was given an extension of a three-story wing that is completely bedecked with an array of more shopping and dining outlets. This July, Plaza Singapura has upgraded itself once more by introducing a new wave of culinary concepts, including pancake house Slappy Cakes, home-grown chain cafe Joe & Dough, the highly anticipated Isaac Toast and the famous Malaysian Nam Kee Pau.

Here's a closer look at these new outlets.

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3. Isaac Toast

The much-anticipated first Isaac Toast is finally here in Singapore in Plaza Singapura. This toast sensation from South Korea dominates with over 800 stores in the country alone and we are all so excited that at least we can get our hands on the nutritious toast. Though we were not able to try their bestseller, the Teokgalbi MVP Toast that is loaded with a smoked beef patty and lots of cheese, we were made do with the Double Spicy Cutlet and Bulgogi (chicken) MVP.

The Double Spicy cutlet (was much like having a Double McSpicy. But instead of bun bread, we have two yellow-coloured toast sweetened and toasted to a nice crisp. The chicken also did not disappoint, boasting a thigh cutlet that was fat, succulent and juicy. Coupled with fresh cabbage between it and the toast, it was a very delightful crunch with each bite. However, the secret sauce failed to stand out. While we were expecting a smoky barbeque like sauce based on its light brown appearance, it was a let down when the sauce was buried by the well-spiced chicken. Maybe we had set our expectations too high for the toast but the secret sauce definitely needs some tweaking otherwise it will be hard to justify returning for more toasts.

Likewise, for the Bulgogi MVP, the secret sauce was not up to the mark and unfortunately, the supposed sumptuous Korean meat was not grilled well enough where the ends are slightly charred. The lack of flavour from the grill left the overall toast a tad flat. But with prices of toasts starting from $3 and $6.90 for a set with a choice of Americano, Green Tea or Earl Grey Tea, it still makes a filling and affordable breakfast option if you want to grab something and go

Unit No.: #B2-42

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