This CNY, You Can Thank Your Driver With A Digital Ang Bao

Show appreciation for your Grab driver with heartfelt messages and ang paos — funded by Grab

Photos: Grab

When’s the last time you said thank you to your driver?

I did, just this morning when he skillfully drove me to work on time, even amid the terrible bouts of flash floods.

In light of the festivities, let’s not forget about the people who’ve been labouring tirelessly to help us get from errand to errand.

This Chinese New Year, Grab is inviting all passengers to show their appreciation for Grab drivers via heartfelt thank you messages and digital ang baos  — all funded by Grab.

From 26 – 27 Jan, passengers are welcome to gift an unlimited number of digital ang baos worth $8.88 each – fully sponsored by Grab, along with a thank you message to their drivers.

The digital ang baos and thank you messages can be sent via the Grab app by following these steps:

1.     Book a GrabTaxi or GrabCar ride using the Grab app

2.     Key in the promo code “XIEXIE” and a thank you note for your driver

3.     Your assigned driver will pick you up and be notified of your red packet and thank you note

4.     Your digital red packet of $8.88 will be credited to your driver – this amount will be paid in full by Grab. Passengers do not need to pay anything more than the trip fare.