Bring Your Pets To The World’s First Interactive ‘Paw-sitive’ Art Exhibition In Singapore

Art enthusiasts now come four-legged, furry and with wagging tails

Photos: Wellness Pet Food

Taking place from 30 September to 8 October, Singapore will be home to the world’s first interactive art exhibition for cats and dogs at the School of the Arts (SOTA)!

PAW-sitive: Interactive Art for Pets by Wellness is a free-for-public exhibition that is jointly organised by WellPet Asia and Silverskyin celebration of Wellness’s 10th anniversary.

The exhibition is designed to stimulate a “PAW-sitive” art appreciation experience for our furkids, as they make their way through the various art installations and interact with the art first-hand. Under the guidance of professional vets and animal behaviourists, installations created by Singapore artists ensure the best experiential play and safety for our pets.

With an interactive art exhibition made just for our animal companions, we might inevitably nurture some paw-cassos!

Here are two immersive installations to bring you furkids to:

 A Whole New World by Mighty Yellow aka Adeline Tan

Inspired by Disney movie ‘Aladdin’, A Whole New World is a magic carpet installation specially made for dogs. These munchkins will be coaxed to stay on a laid out carpet, before the immersive aspect comes in where a scene of floating clouds is projected in the background. Further adding to the cute factor, visuals of a dog’s supposed fantasy such as toys and drumlets will be send flying as part as the projection. The famous soundtrack ‘A Whole New World’ will also be played at a special frequency that is only audible to dogs for the full sensory experience.

In the Cat’s Belly by Kelly Limerick

Cats are not slyly forgotten of course! A cute and giant cat structure contains four individually designed hollow rooms on the inside allow our feline friends to have fun while exploring the ‘belly of the cat’. Paw-rents will have the chance to join in the fun using a simple mechanism where they pull the ‘tail of the cat’ which moves the feathers and bells on the inside attracting the cats to chase for them in the darkness of the ‘belly’.

The event is free, but both owner and pet must register for entry tickets here.