7 Photo-Worthy Exhibits At The Big Bang Data Exhibition

Go meta at this exhibition about digital data by generating even more data with your own Instagram photos

By Pamela Chow. Photos: ArtScience Museum & Pamela Chow

Imagine how many emails crowd your inbox every day. Now, multiply that by the number of people in the country, and then the world.

That’s a mad amount of data, and we’re not even counting the sheer volume of photographs, text messages, blog posts, songs and videos flying through the Internet every day. It’s unimaginable – almost.

At Big Bang Data – sorry K-pop fans, it’s got nothing to do with the boy band – this staggering amount of data is materialised into large-scale art installations that are beautiful, surprising and somewhat eccentric.

Weekender headed down for a preview, and here are the most noteworthy (and Instagram-worthy) works in the gallery.

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DATA TRON - WUXGA (Introduction)

1. The entrance

Upon stepping into the gallery, you will be greeted with a giant projection, “Data Tron” by WUXGA. This fast-moving video is a futuristic digital projection by new media artist Ryoji Ikeda which immerses visitors in a dramatically vast sea of data.

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