7 Performing Arts Interest Groups To Join If You Love Singing, Dancing Or Acting

Further your passion for performing while making some great friends

Think becoming a professional singer, dancer or actor is a pipe dream in Singapore? Then you might not have heard that NUSChoir took home the top prize at the prestigious Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod and was named “Choir of the World.” Or that many of our local theatre companies have been staging their original productions for audiences overseas.

For those of us no longer in school, we don’t have CCAs that will give us a chance to perform or compete even as we learn. But all is not lost! Many community interest groups and professional companies around Singapore invite members of the public who love to sing, dance or act to join them, even with little or no experience. More than your typical classes or workshops, these seven groups will take you out of the studio and onto the big stage, so you can experience the rush of performing before an audience.

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For Dancing:

Photo: Step Studio

4. Step Studio

Fall into step to your favourite K-pop and Top 40 bops at Step Studio! From contemporary to urban hip-hop, street jazz to popping and waacking, Step Studio offers classes that will shape you to tear up every dance floor. Founded in 2014 by Step and her husband Deo, Step Studio is not your usual dance studio. Their constantly updated YouTube channel boasts many impressive choreography videos by their talented dance instructors and, if you join their classes, you could be in the videos too! If you can’t fit one of their eight-week courses into your schedule, you can also drop by for one-hour open classes at just $15 each (students get 10% off!). At the end of each class, which range from beginner to more intermediate levels, the studio will film the day’s choreography to simulate the experience of performing live for the students. If you’ve got some experience and you’re up for a bigger commitment, sign up for the intensive training programmes for juniors and youths! In the one-year programme, students get to star in the studio’s concept videos, various competitions, and even some commercials. It all culminates in a big public showcase at the annual Step Recital, which also invites members of the public to audition.


Step Studio is located at Peace Centre #04-13, 1 Sophia Road, Singapore 228149. You can visit their official website for the schedule of classes and more information.

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