6 Tattoo Parlours To Get Freshly Inked In Singapore

Our sunny island has no shortage of great tattoo studios for all your inking endeavours

Tattoos are the true expression of freedom. Gone are the days where tattoos come with a negative stigma; today, tattoos are seen as body art - a way to express your individuality. Whatever your reason for getting inked - be it to have something meaningful or just for aesthetics, there are some incredible artists in Singapore that you should check out!

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Photo: First Tattoo Studio

3. First Tattoo Studio

A well-worn artist who has been plying his trade for almost two decades, Anthony Yeo has created countless tattoo works on Singaporeans and foreigners. From a humble star, to a traditional anchor, to majestic oriental bodysuits, Anthony takes pride and effort in creating what you want. You can also set up an appointment to discuss your idea for a tattoo and get his valuable insights to ensure the creation of a masterpiece.

668 North Bridge Road | Facebook

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