6 Places To Immerse Yourself In The Realm Of Virtual Reality Gaming

No longer is digital gaming a sedentary lifestyle

While there are board game cafes and escape rooms that do a swell job of suppressing boredom, the arrival of Virtual Reality (VR) gaming has offered up an experience more stimulating and thrilling to quell even the most restless. Even though the concept is fresh and relatively raw, several gaming companies have splashed out with high-end machines to bring the most authentic VR experience for our gaming pleasure. Here are six VR gaming places to geek out at:

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Photo: Sandbox VR Facebook

5. Sandbox VR

Also part escape room, Sandbox VR is not your usual VR gaming destination where most VR game rooms encompass the theme of working as a team to defeat the antagonist. The outlet offers a different, intriguing VR experience, where you and your friends have to escape within a timeframe or feel the full wrath of Davy Jones or the creatures of Deadwood Mansion. The two intricately-woven storylines were created after months of non-stop planning and execution by the team at Sandbox. With a comprehensive set of the latest VR hardware, movie quality real-time motion capture, Sandbox VR offers an hour of VR fun at $29 per person.

Address: Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road, #05-31, Singapore 238896
Tel: 98325988
Website: www.sandboxvr.com/sg
Opening Hours: 11.15am to 9.45pm (Monday to Sunday)

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