5 Wonderful Ways To Explore Hougang Town

Take a stroll down memory lane by seeking out these sights and sounds

Recently, Hougang has been under the spotlight for drawing in swarms of Pokémon hunters.

However, the residential town situated in the north-east region of Singapore, is much more than a gaming hot spot.

Once a forested area populated with pig-rearing farms, Hougang Town has since transformed into a charming heartland, full of great eats and buzzing activity.

According to the Housing Development Board (HDB), it is also the largest HDB new town in Singapore, with most of its commercial activities centered around the shopping malls.

To fully discover Hougang, we recommend taking a day out to explore these iconic spots:

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Photo: Hougang Mall

4. Hougang Mall

Location: 90 Hougang Ave 10, Singapore 538766

Previously known as NTUC Hougang Mall, this was the quintessential hangout spot for students from nearby schools, especially Holy Innocents High School.

With fond memories since its opening in 1996, Hougang Mall is now celebrating their 20th anniversary, along with mall-wide sales and dining promotions.

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