5 Unique Things To Do In Kampong Glam

Party, shop, eat, and more at historic neighbourhood

As Singapore's Malay heritage enclave, Kampong Glam is a wonderful place to get to know our nation's Malay roots and culture. Its historical significance does not make the district old or merely a destination for school learning journeys. Thanks to conservation efforts, many hip new attractions and events have popped up alongside the ornate mosques, textile shops and traditional architecture. This mix of old and new makes Kampong Glam a lively place to spend your day or evening with your loved ones.

Here are some of our favourite events and activities to do at Kampong Glam...

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Photo: Anna Chittenden / Conde Nast Traveler

2. Shop vintage clothing at Haji Lane

If you love retro and vintage apparel, you have to make a date to shop at Haji Lane. The narrow street is home to an array of charming boutiques that are a refreshing break from the uber trendy and mass-manufactured pieces we find in shopping malls. Some delightful gems to look out for are Time After Time (for vintage clothing; pictured above), Mondays Off (for home decor and accessories), and The Silver Triangle (for unique jewelry).

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