5 Things To Do For A Beery Good Time At Beerfest Asia 2017

One of them includes donning on tights for a sess of beer yoga

While it may be the perfect place to guzzle down barrels of beer to your heart's content, Beerfest Asia 2017 offers much more than that, such as interactive beer workshops, fun games and even a whisky pop-up bar.

Taking place at a new venue of Marina Bay Cruise Centre, Beerfest Asia 2017 beckons all beer lovers to come satisfy their taste for the tipple with more than 500 beers to choose from, where over 100 will be making their Singapore debut! The festival is happening from 17 - 20 August, tickets are from $28 onwards.

Here are five things you shoudn't miss out at this year's beer festival:

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5. Shimmy and shake to exciting live performances 

We’re guessing everyone would have already been all boozed up by nightfall. So what better way to sober up by grooving to the beats of Beerfest’s flurry of musical acts?

Touted to be largest line-up to date, this year’s entertainment program includes live performances by local bands such as Reverie Acoustic, The Day Trippers and Supersonic, and the spins of the country’s finest DJs like Haan and Shigeki. For the old souls, you can also look forward to tribute performances of Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and Guns N’ Roses. You’ll be hardpressed not to sing along to the classic tunes!



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