5 Farms In Singapore You Didn’t Know Existed For A Fun Family Day Out

You can even purchase fresh local produce directly from some of them

Farms, here in Singapore? Say it is so!

If you’ve been keeping up with the recent slew of farmers’ markets popping up in town, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that we have our fair share of local farmers growing fresh produce. Thanks to urban farming innovations, we can get a taste of the country life even in our tiny and humid city. So if you’re looking to spend a fun day outdoors with your little ones, or just reconnect with nature and make some furry new friends, pay a visit to one of these awesome local farms.

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Photo: Gardenasia

4. Gardenasia

More than your typical farm, Gardenasia is a lush garden in the heart of the Kranji Countryside. To walk around Gardenasia is like stepping into a fairytale where time comes to a standstill, and all your worries from the world of technology and business just float away. The place is so charming, it’s become a popular spot for proposals and weddings! Get to know the various local plants and trees littered around the garden, then join some of the hands-on workshops to learn about potting your own plants and more. If you’ve fallen in love with the place already (and we don’t blame you), extend your visit into a farmstay at one of Gardenasia’s tranquil villas! Feeling a little peckish at the end of a tiring day? Head to the Gardenasia Bistro for a satisfying meal made from the fresh produce from the neighbouring farms. To shop some of the homegrown produce for your own home-cooking, visit the popular Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market held right at Gardenasia, from 29 to 30 September.

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