24 Heartwarming Photos That’ll Make You Miss Dakota Crescent

Social media pays tribute to the charming old estate with pastel-coloured blocks

As we edge closer towards the last days of Dakota Crescent, Singaporeans have been taking to social media to remember this old estate with its inimitable charm and iconic dove-shaped playground.

When we arrived at its grounds on New Year’s Day — just one day after its residents had been ordered to vacate, it was all quiet.

Old furniture had been strewn about, while pigeons and stray cats perched on the spaces once occupied by playing children and watchful adults.

Still, it is not a ghost town, especially with old residents and camera-totting youngsters who occasionally make their way over out of curiosity or nostalgia.

It is clear that this historical slice of our nation will be remembered. After all, it had been built by the Singapore Improvement Trust in the 1950s and aged well with time.

Take a walk down memory lane with these 24 photos, and try to recall when Tian Kee & Co was still a mama shop.

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1. Chopping vegetables at the corridor

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