#TheWeekendList: 19-21 March 2021

Are you in for some food deals or a foodie staycation at Hilton Singapore?

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10. Sift & Pick’s Thai Designer Market

Sift & Pick’s Thai Designer Market is a homage to the neon-lit night markets that they used to frequent during their travels to Thailand before the new norm. Through this virtual campaign, online shoppers can explore and discover the plethora of indie Thai designer brands available on Sift & Pick, from stylish bags to creative lifestyle knick-knacks.

There are almost 100 Thai brands on board, but some honourable mentions include:
– TATHATA: Functional yet stylish backpacks and totes available in a whole range of colours. Relife bags are made from recycled plastic bottles.
– pavistudio: Puh-pleats! Their totes and slings feature an iconic pleated look – great for those who are looking to texturise their OOTDs.
– ABEARABLE: For those whose spirit animal is the bear. From face masks to totes, their designs are temperature-sensitive and will change according to the environment.
– MOREOVER: Minimalistic home décor and lifestyle picks, perfect for sprucing up your WFH station.

To shop for all the Thai-related brands, please click here.

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