10 Things To Buy, Eat & Drink At Artbox 2018

A defining difference from last year's debut: Lots and lots of space

Roughly two months before its return, Artbox has hinted at several changes in its 2.0 edition. And we must say, the pop-up marketplace has delivered on its word with offerings of hipster treats from over 400 retail and F&B retail, more twinkle from a doubled 6km-long fairy lights decoratives and most importantly, spacious walkaways for a breezy walkthrough of its grounds.

Here are 10 things that caught our fancy when we paid a visit to Artbox:

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7. 24K Gold Flakes Ice Cream ($6.90), GoShot

Sick and tired of rainbow-hued treats? Then look to GoShot that offers gothic-themed desserts, blinged out with edible gold flakes! Charcoal soft-serves are presented with edible toppings that are chosen based on the black-colour spectrum to stay on theme.

Booth number: 74

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