10 Places To Adopt A Furry Companion Other Than SPCA

Give these animals a second chance at life

With some Instagram handles dedicated solely to dogs, cats and even the exotic animals, it is only natural for one's yearning of having a furry family member be increased by tenfold. And if you ever decid to make this big step of welcoming a pet into your life, take the time to consider that purchasing one isn't your only option. Why not adopt? For starters, look to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Singapore, where it takes in about 200 strays and abandoned every month. If there's no luck there, here are 10 other animal welfare organisations filled with sweet and adorable furry critters, all needing of a forever home.

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Photo: Mercylight

2. Mercylight

It all began with a few volunteers who met up to feed stray dogs. Once, they spotted a skeleton-thin stray waiting in the middle of the road and gave it a packet of chicken rice. Since then, the dog faithfully returned daily to be fed. Now, Mercylight has evolved to having its own shelters filled with around 50 dogs. The organisation still continues stray feeding for 35 dogs over a few locations daily. At Mercylight, no type of volunteer help is considered small and any form of contribution goes a long way in helping these dogs. They are always looking out for those who have a big heart for animals, who are hard workers and want to come together and improve the lives of these dogs.

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