We’ve Found The Fluffiest Pancakes In Singapore

Head to Kyushu Pancake Cafe for some unforgettable sweet and savoury pancakes

Photos: Weekender

All images copyright of Jeffrey Yap, of Jeff Ryan Studio

Among all other things, a stack of fluffy pancakes ranks pretty highly on my list of breakfast favourites.

Here in our Little Red Dot, there’s no lack of options when it comes to this brunch staple. Cafes everywhere serve variants of them, often topped with a dollop of ice cream or savoury ingredients. That said, not many leave a lasting impression or warrant a return.

Kyushu Pancake Cafe, however, left us wanting more.

The popular cafe, which specialises in pancakes, hails from Kyushu in Japan. Although its debut outlet in Singapore opened its doors in May this year, we didn’t pay a visit until recently.


Not your usual pancakes

Nestled in the quiet Novena neighbourhood, the cafe offered a cosy ambient, with wooden fittings and a beautiful feature wall that’s been decorated by photos shot by the owner himself.

Its menu, which recently underwent a refresh, now features sweet and savoury items centered around their unique Kyushu pancakes.

As we learnt, the pancakes aren’t your usual run-0f-the-mill flour cakes. They’re made using 100% Kyushu wheat and grains, complemented with 100% Kyushu produced buttermilk powder.

Delving deeper, we found that a whopping seven different grains made up the pancake mix, including wheat from the  Oita Prefecture, non-glutinuous rice from Kagoshima and more.

Plus, the flour mix is free of emulsifier, artificial fragrant and additives or processed starch, making them healthy treats for kids and adults alike.

Sweet and savoury

We tried the Croque Madame Pancake ($19) from their new All Day Breakfast menu and liked how the savoury sides of honey baked ham, sauteed onions and baked potatoes complemented the pancakes.

The pancakes, which came in petite rounds, offered a substantial mouthful. They were a little more dense than the ones we’ve tried elsewhere, yet incredibly fluffy and soft. Topped with a sunny side up, it made for a filling breakfast.

To satiate our sweet tooth, we went for the Berry-Licious Pancake ($16.90), one among their many dessert offerings. Stacks of pancake were topped with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, as well as a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Even as the ice cream melted, we found that it didn’t soak through the pancakes quickly. We didn’t have to worry about soggy pancakes here!

Refreshing quenchers

Apart from the pancakes, we recommend quenching your thirst with the Dora Yaki Smoothie ($8). The milky smoothie was light yet smooth on the tastebuds, with sweet azuki beans in the mix.

For something unusual, order the Tomato Soda ($6.50). Like its name suggests, it is a whole, skinned tomato soaked in soda. We found it refreshing, though a little tasteless.

Overall, Kyushu Pancake Cafe makes a great weekend hangout for families and friends. After all, there’s always something to love about fluffy pancakes!

Novena Regency, 275 Thomson Road, #01-08