This time it’s forever: Goodbye to Fish & Co Glasshouse

4 ways to bid farewell with a bang and relive the good old memories


The iconic Glasshouse in beautiful natural light.

All good things come to an end, sings Nelly Furtado. But we certainly didn’t expect to bid farewell to the iconic Fish & Co Glasshouse so soon.

Due to redevelopment works by Park Mall, the Dhoby Ghaut fixture will be closing permanently in June this year after 14 wonderful years. But fear not, it’s not going anywhere without a worthy goodbye.

Here are 4 ways to bid farewell to the grand dame and evoke your fondest memories while you’re at it.

1. Celebrate your birthday (like a boisterous teenager)

We kid, but don’t you miss the times you had a birthday celebration at the Glasshouse?

With your noisy classmates taking up the entire length of the table and hearty seafood platters in tow, you’d pretend you didn’t know a thing when the live band starts playing Happy Birthday. And who could forget the enthusiastic Fish & Co staff who’d make you stand up while they regale you with their singing?

You can relive these memories all over again. From Jan – Jun, diners enjoy 20% off the bill when they celebrate their birthday in Glasshouse or dine-in with a group of at least 10pax.

2. Pak tor at the Glasshouse (like it’s your first date)

If you’re one of those who had your first date at the Glasshouse, you might recall being all bashful as you hand over a note to the live band — your love declaration sneakily hidden in the form of a song dedication. Or perhaps, you might’ve taken a photo or two at the L-O-V-E sculpture just outside the restaurant, leaving you with sweet memories of the night.

This Valentine’s Day, resurrect these feelings and take your date for an exclusive dinner available only at Glasshouse on Feb 13 and 14. Perks include cash vouchers as well as a chance to win a staycation.

Fish & Co - Bon Voyage Calendar V2-2

Say goodbye with a bang.

3. Dig up those sweet memories (embarrassing or otherwise)

Now, it’s time to get back at that friend who made you stand on a chair while they sang your birthday song or the one who smashed your face into a cake.

Simply flash a photo of yourself or a friend receiving Fish & Co’s iconic birthday sabotage at Glasshouse, taken within the timeframe of 2002–2015, and enjoy a dish on the (glass)house!

4. Bring your mummy to the Glasshouse (and give her a treat)

If you were anything like me as a kid, heading to the Glasshouse with my parents was always a treat — literally. This time, show appreciate to the queen of the household by treating her to a great meal instead.

Do look out for Glasshouse’s exclusive Mother’s Day set menu which will be accompanied by fun activities and freebies.

by Samantha Francis

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